Monday, August 8, 2016

Where Does The Time Go?

I can't believe it's been since May that I've written a post.   The summer has been uneventful. I guess that's good and bad. I wish I could say I found my dream job or won the lottery since my last post, but neither have happened.  I could bitch about a multitude of things, but I don't have the energy. I could talk about random events that have happened over the summer, but I'm not that motivated. I just wanted to say, I'm here, I'm alive, and I'm well.....

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Small Fish in a BIG Pond

I'm not snarky all the time. Sometimes I have moments of self realization, fear, sorrow, and happiness. Sometimes I run through them all in a matter of minutes. My sweet Babboo says I'm too sensitive, but I think that's a good thing. Sensitive people are caring people. They can empathize and sympathize with others more easily than less sensitive people. Sensitive people also tend to cry more than others and that I am truly guilty of.
A few nights ago I had a moment of sorts. As most of you know, we have two dogs. Morgan, the coonhound, gets up every night to go outside. I have started putting a leash on her so she won't torment the creatures of the night. As I was standing in the yard with her sniffing around me, I happened to look up at the stars and started to think how small and insignificant I really was. I mean in the grand scheme of things we all are, right? There's a whole big world out there we know nothing about and probably don't understand. It just struck me at that moment, I'm not sure why. There I was in my pink pajama bottoms and a t-shirt, no makeup, at 3 a.m., contemplating my existence, and it was a little sad. I think even the most financially successful people have these moments. I think the most religious people have these moments. No matter the job you have, the religion you practice, where you live, or how old you are, these moments sneak up on us.
After the dogs did their business and we were all back in our beds, I laid awake for awhile thinking about a million things. My thoughts always go to the fact that I never thought I'd be where I'm at in this point of my life, and I mean the good and the bad. Que the plethora of emotions to go through in a matter of minutes. That night and those feelings have stuck with me longer than usual. Typically those thoughts go just as quickly as they appear. I thought for sure I'd wake up in the morning and they'd be forgotten like so many of my dreams from the night before. Not this time.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gunta's Got Style

Let me first explain "Gunta." Comedian Jim Jeffries lovingly referred to his mother as Gunta in one of his shows. Babboo thinks it's funny to call me Gunter, pronounced Goonter, because that's what Jim's pronunciation sounds like. Here's a little taste of Jim's Gunta.

Now for the style part. I like more of a classic casual style, especially in the summer.  I like Madras plaid, white pants, khaki shorts, seersucker stripe anything, and flip flops. Carol would call it preppy, which she is not. She has more of the hair-band-groupie style. I ask myself frequently how we are best friends.
As I was pinning a million and one pins on Pinterest today I found a few items I would like to have for the summer. I like an off the shoulder shirt that doesn't look like a 70's disco chick.   I wish my sewing skills were better, because I found a super cute shirt I could make by altering a man's button down shirt.
I just love this. Goonter would probably alter it a little more and make it shorter so it would be worn as a shirt, not a dress. My fear with off the shoulder shirts, besides the groupie thing, is that some look like your boobs are on a permanent trip south. You can't have them too far off your shoulders and wearing high waisted pants with them is a really bad idea. This woman looks like she could tuck the girls in her waistband.

Now I just have to lose about 100 pounds so I don't look like an elephant in my off the shoulder fashion.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Long Time No See

Well, it's been awhile. I might have mentioned I got a new job. A retail job. Ugh. I'm not going to bore you with the details, but let's just say I'm still looking for another, non-retail job.
I'm dying for the weather to get warmer and be on the lake again. I love summer. I love the lake. I'd love to satisfy my need for some sunshine by going on vacation, but I'm sure that won't happen anytime soon. I'll just look forward to my Michigan summer with its blue skies, warm summer breezes, and perfect summer nights.
I've got the bug blog again, it comes and goes. I should be more regimented and plan out posts for the month and build a following. Some days I'm motivated to do that, other days I'm mentally drained from work and my random schedule there. I haven't had a full weekend off since the beginning of January and that sucks. My schedule has my motivation level at a 2 out of 10. Instead of writing this post, I should be folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and basically do a good spring cleaning, but here I am writing a very random post.
I hope your all happy to read this post and know I'm still here. I'm going to try my hardest to post more often. Hopefully the next post will be a little more upbeat.