Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sugar Magnolia

I have always been a fan of home improvement shows.  One of my favorites is Fixer Upper.  I love Chip and Joanna Gaines, the husband and wife team and "hosts" of the show.  Joanna is another one of my TV crushes who I wish I could be friends with.  Along with her fabulous sense of style, decorating and personal, she seems like she is a genuine person with a great personality.  You should visit her website, Magnolia Homes and check out her decorating, home decor you can buy, and jewelry, clothing, and accessories.

All photos courtesy of Magnolia Homes.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I'm Still Here...Glad All of You Were So Worried

I found this in my drafts, not sure why I didn't post it.......

I haven't been here in a while and I'm sure you all were wondering and worrying about where I was.  I thought I would log on and find at least ONE comment asking where I was, but NOOOOOO.  I'm glad you all care so much!'s a bunch of random thoughts of what's going on.

I decided a part time job is better than no job, so I am working again.  It feels good to be in the land of the living and out of the pajamas during daylight hours.  The job is NOT the dream job I'm searching for, but it is mindless and it puts some $$$$ in my pocket.

I still need to decorate for Christmas and I'm starting to freak out a little since all I have up is a wreath above the fireplace.  I need 3 days, minimum, to decorate like I want to, but if I put up one of the trees this week, I'll feel better.

I've been obsessed with hand lettering and calligraphy lately.  I apologize to you that follow me on Pinterest.  I know I have bogged down your feed with letting pins and tonight, pins of quotes that I will use as practice.  I'm considering buying some calligraphy pens and just experimenting.  I'd really like to take a class or find some sort of "how to" to learn the basics.  I've decided my third "dream job" would be calligrapher.  I should have majored in graphic design.

As soon as the pond is frozen there will be an ice/hockey rink in the backyard.  I've been told there will also be lights put on the upper deck so there can be night games.  The last time I skated was in college. The sorority I was in did a philanthropic event, we ice skated with the visually impaired.  (Shelly if you are reading this, notice I didn't say the blind.)  That was 20 years ago and probably more pounds than years.  That means you will probably see injury pictures in the near future.

On a side note, as I was searching Facebook for a picture of the ice skating event, I found an album belonging to one of my sorority sisters title "FUPA Weekend."  I giggled.  Hopefully one of you will get the reference.  I apologize to the person who owns this album, I can't shut off this mind and its thoughts.

I have been to CVS twice today because  Babboo is under the weather.  I rarely get sick, but when I do, its the end of the world.  Along with the medicine I bought for Babboo, I got one of the nasal decongestant inhalers for myself.  For some reason I love the smell of vapor rub.  Maybe it will help with the constant sneezing at work.

Maybe someday soon I will have a cohesive post that isn't a bunch of random BS.

Friday, January 23, 2015

I Love Bracelets

I'm a sucker for bracelets.  I like jewelry in general, what girl doesn't, but I really like bracelets.  I don't wear them to work for fear they will get caught on something and break, but I still buy them.  I found these online the other day and I'm considering buying a couple.

I love the "Be Brave" saying on them and you can pick the cause you support and $10 from each bracelet goes to that cause.  These are a couple of the Rhett Syndrome bracelets.  My sorority sister's daughter has Rhett Syndrome, so if you love the bracelets like I do and don't know what cause to give to, choose Rhett.  There's lots of styles and colors to choose from.

For any of my high school friends, there's also bracelets that support Batten Disease too.

I Should Have Been A Party Planner

I love parties. When I say that, I mean I love to plan parties, attending them is OK too.  Today I've started to plan an intimate birthday for a two year old. That's right I said 2. Jameson is turning 2!

This, oh so sweet boy is turning 2 on the 26th. I've mostly been trying to figure out his cake. I might do tennis balls or maybe a dog bowl cake.

This is what I whipped up last minute last year. I think they turned out pretty good.  
They were a carrot cake cupcake with mashed potato frosting and mini milk bone decoration. 
He loved his cupcakes, not his hat.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Privacy Please

Very soon I will be taking all the blogs to a higher privacy setting.  They will be open to people who are on "the list" only.  Basically you will have to give me your email address and then I can send you an invitation.  You will have to log in to read the blog once this privacy setting goes into effect.

I know this sounds like a big pain in the ass, but I don't need any future employers reading about my snark, or how I hate people, while I tell them I'm a people person.  I think you understand.

I'm also considering just making them totally private, still writing posts, and letting you all catch up later on.  We shall see.

That goes for the same on the Facebook front.  I will probably be off the grid for awhile, but sneak on at 1 am to see how you're all doing.  Hopefully when I return, it will be with good news of a great job, a planned vacation to someplace warm, and a picture of my manicure.

Why Not? Random Tuesday

  • Tea is awesome, I like tea
  • After less than a week, I already failed at #100happydays 
  • I'm cold and want a fire, but I don't want to go "fetch" wood to make one
  • I'm watching last night's Bachelor. I love Chris, and I love that there is an amazing jar. 
  • Morgan is a very talkative dog.
  • How can you feel good one day and horrible the next?
  • I think I'm going to post some pinterest pictures to fill my writer's block.
  • I still feel off and thought I had a fever, but no, temperature is actually low, 95.4. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Really Random Monday

  • I have 11 drafts of posts just waiting to be reviewed, edited and published. 
  • I feel off today
  • The kitchen is a disaster after last night's dinner and I wish I had a housekeeper
  • I desperately want a job I love
  • Or to win the lottery
  • I want to bake cookies and breads
  • I want a vacation to someplace warm and sunny with a really good book
  • I want my motivation to kick back in
  • I want to be awesome
  • I'm sick of selfish people, I want to tell them to wake the fuck up
  • I'll always be Snarky
  • I love Morgan and Jameson 
  • I want to get a manicure every week
  • And a facial
  • I'm watching The Other Woman for the 4th time
  • I'm laying in bed writing this
  • I love my friends
  • I consider myself pretty funny
  • I'm going to take a nap and try to get my head "right"