Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting Out of Hell, The Quest For a New Job

I have said it for years, I need a new job.  I have finally been pushed to the breaking point and am actively looking.  Let me tell you it isn't fun.  First off,  I have a degree,  I have been with my current employer for 10+ years, I am very personable besides the fact that I don't like people,  and I am highly intelligent. I have been hoping to get into outside sales, but every decent outside sales position want a ridiculous amount of sales experience. How are there any people in outside sales if all the positions require experience?! What came first,  the chicken or the egg? I have grown cross eyed staring at my resume hours upon hours and would really like to cut to the chase and put in my personal information, I like money, please hire me,  you won't be disappointed. So if any of you in the blogger universe would like to hire me,  I'm available. Oh and I did win an award in college that should put your mind at ease.  My sorority sisters gave me the prestigious "Used Car Salesman Award"  for my power of persuasion. That has to account for something,  right?

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  1. I hope you find something, Kiddo. Maybe it will work the same way I found my husband... he mysteriously appeared shortly after I stopped looking...