Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Name Already?

With all my other blogs,  I typically wait a few months before scrapping them or it's death by neglect.  I did have to change a few things after initially launching this blog,  but didn't think by post three I would need to change my pen name.  Why? you silently think to yourselves. Has my anonymity been compromised,  did I leave open my browser at the library, or maybe someone hacked into blogger and they have threatened to expose my identity if I don't allow them to be one of my minions. No,  no,  and no.  Thanks to iced mochas and mint cookies from 7-11 my new pen name might have to be Jennifer Snarky Muumuu.
At this very moment I'm staring at my empty mocha cup and wondering if I should make another 7-11 run. Thankfully I don't have the time before my coworker leaves for the day. On the bright side,  I have 2 and a half packages of mint cookies  in the freezer.  If it weren't for all my chores,  I'd weigh 300 pounds.
Candidates for the minion position,  requirements  are as follows:
1. Must be available 24-7
2. Must be capable of being bullied at work.
3. Must sign a confidentiality contract.
Applicants outside the USA are welcome.  I need minions around the globe.
Uptight Ass holes need not apply.

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