Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's a Show About Nothing

I swear my best friend and I need to write a sitcom. It would have to be on HBO, or another cable channel because of the adult content, but it would be funny as shit.  I'm not sure how the story line would play out just yet, but the things that happen to us are totally ridiculous and I think millions of women would identify with it. Of course,  much like this blog, our true identities could never, ABSOLUTELY NEVER, be revealed because my significant other would kill me for exposing our life to the world.
Take for example our jobs,  I work in retail and deal with these total self centered douche bags all day. She has an outside sales position which requires  her to see a lot of wieners and balls on most days. I know,  I know, already sounds like a winner.  I see it as a little "Sex and the City,"  a little "Absolutely Fabulous," a touch of "Modern Family," and a smidgen of "Seinfeld." I'm not sure what it will be called yet, but a friend of mine made an awesome suggestion.  I also am still considering actresses/actors.  So far my top choices to play me are Jami Getz,  Minnie Driver, Jennifer Connelly,  or Amanda Peet . For the Bf, Christina Applegate,  Chelsea Handler,  or Reese Witherspoon. She has decided all our ex boyfriends will be played by super hot actors.  She picked John Goodman for her husband,  but I vetoed it and chose Sean Astin for her husband. Since I'm robbing the cradle, Jonah Hill will play my boyfriend.

The cast of characters:
The BF
The BF's husband 
Stay tuned,  there is more to come.

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