Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's Spring Break in the Mitten and I'm EXTRA Snarky

Yes, it's spring break here, one of the worst weeks of the year.  Not only are there a multitude of moms with their bratty kids running amuk where I work, I have to see all the family fun photos of tropical places on Facebook.  I swear to you, if there wasn't a social media policy at work, I'd post my spring break good time photos.  You'd get to see all the towels and rugs I have to fold a million times a day, the wonderful customers, and the awesome morale of all the employees.

 I also love the weather forecast photos of everyone's vacation destinations.  Well here's one for all of you, rainy or overcast all week, with low temps dropping down below freezing, AWESOME.

My sweet babboo is also guilty of the tropical picture-fuck you.  I got this one texted to me this afternoon along with a weather update, "88 and sunny."
Palm Beach
I can't wait to go on vacation.  I'm going to post pictures of absolutely everything, EVERYTHING, so all my friends can feel like they are right there with me.
Happy Spring Break 2014!  You can find me at work or picking up dog shit in the front yard, enjoying that magnificent weather.

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