Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Take This Job and....

I just read a friend's post about typing up her resignation letter.  I think I'm going to compose mine, print it up, and hang it in a few places in the house so I have to look at it everyday. Maybe it will light a fire under my ass to find something new.  God knows I'm miserable everytime I have to go there. I could ramble on and on about each and everything that bugs the shit out of me,  but I won't because it's so depressing. I'm just going to focus my energy on finding a job that utilizes my intelligence, my experience,  my people skills, and my determination. Yes, I said "people skills," and yes, it made me laugh too. Fuck off. This one is pretty close to perfect,  except the "I always wanted to ask you out."

courtesy of www.funnyordie.com


  1. well damn it if you had made it bigger i could read it!!! so someone needs to work on other skills or i need a new pair of eyes! LOL