Friday, May 16, 2014

Pity Party, Table for One, Take 2

Yep, I'm having another pity party.  I'm sitting here still trying to figure out "what I want to be when I grow up," and feeling blue.  I used to go back and forth between "I could do that job," and "I'll never get a new job."  Now, the pendulum has swung over to the latter.  My current employment has me hating everything in life.  I hate people who have better jobs than me, which is everyone because any job on "The World's Dirtiest Jobs" is better than the job I have.  I hate that the house is in constant shambles because I'm too tired to give a shit anymore.  I hate the way I look, and I'm noticing every imperfection I have, which are too numerous to even try to list.  I convinced myself I needed these books when I was at the bookstore the other day.

I apparently was in a much better place that day. After posting the picture of them, I'm sitting here thinking, "if these books are so great and true, than why the fuck were they on the clearance rack?"  Notice one is missing the dust jacket because the dogs decided to eat it, can you fucking believe that?!  That is pretty indicative of my life right now.  It's the "dog ate my homework" excuse, "Sorry World, I JUST CAN'T BE OPTIMISTIC, THE DOG ATE MY SELF HELP BOOK!!!!!!!

I know part of it must be PMS.  The littlest monster, Morgan, jumped up and snatched my burger off my plate when I was gone from the table for 2.7 seconds and all I could do was cry.  While still crying, I decided a brownie was the best medicine for spilt hamburger and decided pasta with butter was the best thing to wash down the brownie brownies.

A couple nights ago I applied for a job I think I could actually, maybe, hopefully like.  I received the typical, "we got your application" email and all I could see in was the sentence, "If your profile corresponds to our requirements, a member of our Team will contact you."  I immediately thought, fuck, I'm not getting this.  Then I get to work and find out a co-worker applied to the same job and thought, double fuck!  He has way more knowledge on the product the job deals with.  So that sent me into a tailspin.

I'm attempting to be productive this morning, with the hope that I will feel a sense of accomplishment and my pity party will end.  It's hard to be really productive when the monster is a touch needy, and these pictures are not wanting to upload, which is so annoying.

The dog trainer should be here any minute, so I should make myself presentable....Happy Friday

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