Thursday, May 29, 2014

When I Win The Lottery

Every time I buy a lottery ticket I fantasize about what I would do if when I win.  Today I decided I would have a girls weekend with people I know only from the internet.  Some also know me, but others don't.

A weekend of shopping, boozing, and whatever else comes our way sounds amazingly fun.  Here's the guest list:

Jennifer Wutz-Lopes - I met Jen in the blogging world. We are kindred spirits.  She's crafty (not in the Beastie Boys way).  She enjoys adult beverages. She has my kind of sense of humor.  She's a foodie, but still has an appreciation for Doritos. She has a love of cute shoes, including Tretorns, which I also love.  She hasn't blogged in awhile, but with tweets like these, how can I not love her.
Check her out on her blog, her Pinterest, or Twitter.

Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess. My blogging girl crush, she doesn't even know I'm alive.   She is fucking hilarious, HILARIOUS!
Her Zazzle shop name, as described by her, "(Named “Eight pounds of uncut cocaine” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):" Take a look at her Pinterest, read her blog, buy her book. You'll love her.  The random things that run through this girl's head remind me of me, and I like me, so obviously I like her.  One of my favorite posts of hers is about this unicorn.

Picture from her blog
Linda Wolff, aka The Carpool Goddess.  I just recently discovered Linda's blog via Jenny Lawson.  These are two self described tidbits about Linda taken from the "About Me" on her blog:
"I'm obsessed with pretty, sparkly, brightly colored post-its and notepads.  I'm fairly certain there is a nine year old girl trapped inside my body, who is showing no signs of leaving."
"You're only as old as you feel.  On the outside I might be 40+, but on the inside I'm still 25, except for a few squeaky moving parts."
I totally can relate.
Check out her blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterst, Google +, or Instagram.  All links are on her blog.

Yvett Rojo, who I've "known" for quite sometime.  I met her in the blog world and grew to be Facebook friends.  Like me, she left her old blog behind in 2011 and started another blog, Lot 65.  She hasn't been there in awhile, but I still keep up on her life on the book face.  In one of her last posts on her blog she had this to say, which I totally agree with.
"- EVERYONE has a blog now. Seriously. It doesn't seem as fun as it used to. When I first discovered blogs, I read Julie Powell (before she was THE Julie & Julia), Dooce and ljcfyi. Now everyone just writes about their kids. Not that that's a bad thing, I do it too, it's just that blogs were what I used to read instead of books. They were that entertaining and new. Now it's just sort of to keep up with what people are doing. I admit that I'm guilty of the same thing, that's when I thought mine had run its course. "
Funny that she mentions Dooce and ljcfyi, who I also read religiously when I started out.  Dooce's blog has changed quite a bit since then, but ljc's is pretty close to what it was when I started reading it.
Anyway, Yvett has that humor I love, tinged with snark here and there.  I wish she would start blogging again.
I sent her a Facebook message to ask if I could post a picture of her on this post and her reply was classic: "Of course. Unless i'm a "before" of something, or what not to do."

Linda Ridenour, was yet another met in blogging land. Her blogging has tapered off, but like the others, I still keep up on her life through Facebook. Linda has that style of writing that puts me right in her shoes. This post from One Wink At A Time, reminds me of how I feel every September. She is funny, caring, and I think she would be the life of the party and probably the DJ for the night. Her comments on my old blog always gave me the boost I needed during my self induced pity parties. 

So there's the top 5 on the people I know, but don't party list. I feel a wicked hangover just thinking about it.

P.S. Linda your $6.49 is in the mail. Jen W-L after the man hands comment, I decided not to ask permission to post your picture, suck it!

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