Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beauty and the Bacon

Like most people I could stand to lose a few pounds.  Babboo would also like to drop some LBs and he decided Atkins would be the way to kick start the weight loss.  I, being the good girlfriend that I am, agreed to give Atkins another try.  I found some good recipes on Pinterest and I'm a total carnivore, so the meat eating part of Atkins will be no problem for me.

I say another try because Carol and I did Atkins in college.  There wasn't as many recipes and substitutes back then so it was difficult to follow religiously.  There was also another problem, we had no problem with the meat part, but apparently weren't eating enough fiber.  You know what not eating enough fiber leads to?  We were literally full of shit.  Our solution was Correctol, the gentle overnight relief, which it wasn't.  At that point we needed some sort of relief, and we needed it quick.  Well, be careful what you wish for.  Correctol was not overnight and it was not gentle.  Thank God we had two bathrooms in the apartment.  At 2 am we were both more miserable than we had been when we were bloated with meat and cheese.  At least we could talk to each other while we were working through our processes.  I swore I would never try that again.  Fast forward to now and I'm giving it another go.  I figure this time I will include more fiber in my meals and there's all sorts of probiotics and other things to help out with the non-pooping issue.

I'll keep you all posted on how it goes, the diet and the poop.  Oh, and the non-drinking.  Fuck, no beer for two weeks.  I'm cheating on that one, and I'm not ashamed to say it.  I promised to have a beer with one of my sorority sisters at the Dave concert, and I'm going to.

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