Monday, June 23, 2014

Captain's Log, Atkins Day 3

Day one was good. I was in meat and cheese heaven. I even had some pork rinds. Day 2 was a little harder, day on the boat without  beer seemed unnatural. Dinner last night sucked, watching people eat chips and dessert was borderline agonizing.  Day 3 has started off with me wanting pancakes, sweet, sweet pancakes, with lots of butter and sugar filled syrup. The sugar free Werthers are delicious, but don't compare to a Whatchamacallit. (Did you know there was a candy bar called a Thingamajig?)  I should have gotten on the scale first thing this morning, but I didn't and I ate breakfast already, so weigh in will happen tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for a loss.  Think of me when you are having bread, or potatoes, or pasta, or a cookie, or a piece of cake, or pancakes, or croutons, or....


  1. If this goes well for you, I'm taking another try at Atkins!

  2. We shall see. There's definitely more recipes and food choices than when I did it last time. I'd like to drop a decent amount of weight, which I will only disclose if I do, because honestly the whole world doesn't need to know how fat I really am. Or I'll just send you PMs on the number