Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Did I Just Open the Pandora's Box of Job Searching?

Photo from:  Live on Your Own Terms
Yes, we all know I would love to make a career out of blogging.  I envy the people that blog and get paid for it.  You all probably know by now, I'm also looking for a job.  I thought posting on my social media accounts could get me some valuable leads or contacts.  After posting theses hashtag yesterday on a tweet, #ineedajob and #gottahaveaJOB.  I have already received two "junk" replies.  I say junk, because I'm not interested in multi-level marketing/sales (dirty pyramid schemes) and I don't live in North Carolina, where the career coach that contacted me conducts business. I understand that these people, like me, are using social media to build their audience or business and I don't fault them for that.  I'm just hoping I won't be inundated with a million replies that aren't beneficial to me, my world takeover, or my job seach.

I hope someone appreciates the second hashtag.  Babboo jokingly says it to me daily now...

Also, the website where the picture came from is riddled with bad grammar.  It's borderline maddening. Just warning you.

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