Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm Never Sitting on Your Couch Again

I think Carol needs to buy this couch as the "kids only" couch
My conversations with Carol are always funny.  Well, 99% of the time they are funny.  Today was funny.  Carol has two kids and Babboo says they are the perfect form of birth control.  After you hear this story, you probably will agree, if you don't, you have issues.
So, Carol's children are both at the age where they have discovered there private areas.  The youngest has been touching his penis so much it is sore.  The other day he told her, "mom my penis is sore."  She said to him, as she was applying powder to his "area," "you need to stop touching it all the time."  His response, "I can't stop, it feels so good."  He has also made comments about his wiener and how it "wouldn't stop showing off," and when he caught a glimpse of his junk in the mirror the other day he said, "look at my pee-pee! Is that what it looks like?!  I cracked up when she told me that one.  I asked her if she told him it doesn't get any better looking with age.
His older sibling has also been on the "if it feels good, do it" bandwagon.  Carol told me she walked into the living room the other day and found her daughter on the couch, "with it pulled down to her knees."  I'm really hoping that is an exaggeration.  When Carol asked her what she was doing, her daughter responded, "I had an itch."  Carol told her to go in the bathroom to take care of her "itch."  The kid says, "I don't want to get off the couch."  So the obvious response by Carol, "get a blanket."  I swear to God I'm never sitting on her living room furniture again!

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