Friday, June 27, 2014

My Life Summed Up By Reviewing My Social Media

I was perusing my social media accounts today and realized I'm a cynical crazy cat lady, only 20 years younger and the cats are dogs.  I also have a thing for food, obvious since I've been telling you I'm on Adkins and would take some french fries and chocolate ice cream as payment to perform a hit on the person of your choice.  The account that screams this the most, Instagram.

Just take a look at my profile cover picture that Instagram posts on your behalf.  Do you see a theme?  Crazy Dog Lady.  I would say 90% of my pictures are the dogs, 8% are of food, and 2% are "other."  I blame Babboo, because I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT post pictures of him anywhere!  Come on I have to refer to the guy with a pet name, do you think I could ever get away with sneaking just one picture in?!

Photo Credit: Mashable

Then if you move on to Facebook, that is where the cynicism kicks in.  I prefer to call it Snarkyness.  You will also note, my friends either embrace the snarky with the pictures they post on my wall or they try to be my "motivational coaches" with the other pictures, or oddly enough a combination of both.  I love both kinds of pictures because of my split personality, one half Super Snark, the other Believer that Every Little Thing is Gona Be Alright. (Go ahead sing the song.  You're welcome, that will now be stuck in your head the remainder of the day)  

I'm not quite sure how to define my Twitter activity yet.  I'm sure some theme will rear its ugly head soon.  I think someone needs to make up one of those quizzes I get suckered into on the book face, "What does you're account say about you?"  Crazy Cat Lady (or Dog), My Fake Facebook Life, The Selfie, I Have More Money Than You, Sports Fan, I Don't Know How FB Works Parent, Annoying FB Gamer, the list goes on and on....Which one are you?

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