Monday, June 9, 2014

Pity Party, Take 1039 - This Post is a Bunch of Random

When you're down in the dumps, it's hard to be positive about anything.  I keep buying my lottery tickets with the hope I'll hit it big time, but we all know that is not going to happen.  I went to the grocery store yesterday with a few tickets in hand, each with multiple "draws" on them.  I went to the service desk and proceeded to scan each ticket in the self service machine.  Painfully I watched as the screen said, "NOT A WINNER" every time I scanned a ticket.  I've been so stressed lately and I was so hopeful at least one would say I'd won something, $1? $5?  Something!?  I stood there and wanted to scream, REALLY?! NOT ONE FUCKING WINNER?! But, I kept my cool, and bought some new replacements for the next drawings.
I've been online most of the day looking for a new job.  One second I want to cry because I feel like I'm not qualified for anything and the next second I'm telling myself to keep going, something good is out there for you.
There's some new show called Famous in 12 on the CW.  The show as described on the CW website:
"FAMOUS IN 12 is an unscripted series/social experiment that will film one fame-seeking family around the clock for 12 weeks straight. The family will be guided by the TMZ machine, which will create a series of opportunities for them. TMZ and Harvey Levin will help, and additional experts will be brought in throughout the course of the series to provide input and guidance on the path to fame, but it is up to the family to pull it off. Throughout their 12-week quest, the family will circulate through some of Los Angeles’ most populated – and popular – venues in order to seize opportunities that might come calling. Executive produced by David Garfinkle (“Naked and Afraid”), Jay Renfroe (“Naked and Afraid”) and Harvey Levin (“TMZ”), FAMOUS IN 12 is from Renegade 83 and Harvey Levin Productions in association with Warner Horizon Television and Telepictures."
Are you fucking kidding me right now?  I've lost all hope in humanity.  First the Kardashians, and now this.  If you watch this, please don't admit it, because I would hope no person that reads my blog would have an I.Q. so low that this show would bring them pleasure.
I have a headache to beat the band, and my swollen wrist is making me more and more angry by the day.  
If you see on the news, that someone has ripped a lotto scanner off the counter at a retail establishment, you can be almost certain it's me.

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