Saturday, June 28, 2014

Random Saturday, I'll Take That Meat Slicer and That Bracelet

There are few things that make me happier than to see the dogs happy.  They are like my furry children.  They have distinct personalities.  I think they are the cutest, smartest dogs in the world, notice I did not say most well behaved.  I love watching them chase each other around the yard.  I love Morgan's hound dog howl.  I love Jameson's big dumb dog look he has on his face most of the time.  I love watching them roll around in the grass, until I realize they are rolling in something gross, most of the time some sort of animal poop.  I love when I get on the golf cart, even if I am just driving it down the driveway to the garage, that Jameson has to have a ride because he thinks its boat time.

My Adsense ads have netted me a big $1.15.  I don't get paid out until the amount reaches $100, so in 80 years, give or take, someone is getting a big surprise check in the mail. The ads are also tailored to what you look at or search for online.  Since Babboo will use my laptop from time to time, my ads include things like this:

 A meat slicer and a commercial grade rotisserie.  I have also had tire advertisement, ebay auctions for four wheelers,  & Atkins diet information just to name a few.  At least there aren't any links for adult websites, or maybe that's only because I've blocked those from my Adsense.

I've had a few Book Face friends say I should become a writer as my next job.  My response is a definite, "Hell yes," but as you can see from my Adsense profits it appears only my Book Face friends are reading this, so I'm not sure how that dream will come to fruition.

Being unemployed has brought out the frugality in me.  Soon I'll be raiding the newspaper machines for the Sunday coupons and buying 18 jars of ketchup, 12 boxes of frozen waffles, and purchasing those Bradford Exchange collectibles.  Although I do enjoy these:

I'm thoroughly overjoyed when I purchase new bras and underwear, even if they are from Target and not Victoria's Secret.

A quiz for all of you:
  1. I have been on the Atkins Diet for a week and have lost ______ pounds.  
  2. I AM or AM NOT full of shit.
  3. I HAVE OR HAVE NOT cheated.
Post a comment with your guesses.

A Facebook friend posted this the other day, which would make a ton of sense.

Tonight are the fireworks on the lake.  I still love fireworks as much as I did as a kid.  I still oooo and ahhh when there is something pretty.  I still wonder why they have the big canon like boom fireworks, which usually just scare the shit out of everyone.  I love the grand finale and watching the whole night sky lit up with every color of the rainbow.

Happy Saturday friends, strangers, and stalkers.

PS Jameson just sauntered past me and eeeked out a dog fart.  Farts are still funny even if they are dog farts.


  1. Replies
    1. hahahaha, don't do Atkins again Joni. Just say NO!

  2. You've lost 3 pounds. You are NOT full of shit (most days) and you have NOT CHEATED. Love reading your stuff Snarkypants.

    1. Glad you like it Anne. Miss you, we need to get together before Christmas, lol

  3. Well Girls,
    I have lost zero pounds in a week, yes zero. I am full of shit, literally and figuratively, But, I technically have not cheated. I say technically because I stated from the beginning I was going to have a beer at the concert.