Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Carols' Saturday Night Live Skit, or a Million Dollar Idea?

When Carol and I get on the phone we have usual topics of conversation, her kids, our significant others, her neighbors, or how we hate our jobs.  Today, she calls me on her way to work and says she has to stop for gas and will be using her new corporate card for the first time, and hopes it works.  That sparked our idea for a service every employer would want, the "You're Fired" service through your corporate card.  It could also be a great Saturday Night Live skit.  Here's how it would go:

The employee is on a call with their boss regarding their sales numbers.  The boss has less than nice things to say about the employee's performance and demands immediate improvement.  The next day the employee pulls into the gas station, fills up her tank and goes inside for her morning coffee.  She runs the card through the machine on the counter and the display reads, "card not read, please hand to cashier."  She hands the card to the sterotypical gas station employee and he swipes it.  He says to her in a very thick accent, "AHHHHHH, card declined, you fired!"  Surprised by his response, all she can say is, "What?"  He repeats, while cutting the card in half, "you fired, I make fifty dollar."  She digs in her purse, pays with her own personal credit card and walks out of the store to find, where her car was, a car seat, a open, half drank bottle of water, a open bag of combos, a coloring book, and a phone charger.  The company car is gone.  She pulls out her company provided cell phone to call someone to pick her up and the display on the screen reads, "no service, you have been fired."  You then hear the voice track say, "Scared of how an employee will take being canned? Too chicken shit to do it yourself?  Well, now you don't have to, let us do your dirty work for you.  The "You're Fired" corporate card from American Express will alleviate the need for you to terminate under performing employees.  Just click the "You're Fired" link on the employee's corporate account and American Express will do the rest.  We will terminate the employee the next time they attempt to use the card AND we will dispatch a team for immediate repossession of the company car.  It just doesn't get any easier than that.  Sign up today."

The next scene is the employee dragging the car seat down the side of the road.  The camera shows a close up of her face, makeup smeared, hair disheveled, as she says, "What's not in your wallet?"

You know this one is a money maker!!!!!!

This blog is not affiliated with American Express and has received no compensation for the use of the company name.  If American Express would like to give me some money for the free advertisement, or to discuss the development of this service, I am open to it.  Just leave a comment.

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