Sunday, June 22, 2014

The NUTmobile is Green, No Not The Color Green

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I need a picture with the NUTMobile to display with my Wienermobile picture.  A friend posted a picture of herself in front of it yesterday and I had to find out where it would be so I could get a picture of me rubbing up against those nuts, but their website schedule sucked and didn't list any future stops.  What it did have was the features of the NUTmobile, which I was impressed by.
Did you know:

  1. The NUTmobile has solar panels which charge its deep cycle batteries.
  2. The NUTmobile's interior lighting is 12v energy saving low voltage lights.
  3. The NUTmobile has a wind turbine built into the roof which is another way the deep cycle batteries are charged.
  4. The NUTmobile is able to run on biodiesel.
  5. The NUTmobile sports a reclaimed wood floor.
These are just a few of the green features found in the NUTmobile.  I know you feel smarter now.

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