Friday, June 13, 2014

This Is Our Top of the Line Model and One of Our Best Sellers

You know you're desperate when you click on a job for casket sales.  Yes, I am still on a job search.  Yes, I still want out of retail.  Yes, I prefer lotto winner or professional blogger, but I can't seem to secure either of those positions.  Today, like most days, I was going to the usual job search sites, seeing if there was anything new, or something I might have missed, when I saw this:

Company:Thacker Caskets, Inc.
$40,000 - $100,000

In my desperation, I clicked on it and proceeded to tell myself, "This could be an OK job."  Then, I started to imagine my sales calls, and the people I would have to interact with, and thought, still might be something I could do.  Then my mind really starts to wander and I'm considering my current wardrobe and that I'd have to get more business appropriate attire, and wonder about the hours, and how big the territory is.  Then I actually said out loud, "what the fuck are you thinking?"  But then again, my product line would be something 99.9% of us will all need someday.  I might just click "apply."  

It made me giggle that this is posted on Friday the 13th and it's a full moon.  Is it the universe telling me this is the job for me?

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