Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back From Phishing

I posted yesterday that we were going to see Phish last night.  I wish my eyes were cameras because as soon as I got out of the car in the parking lot, I wanted to start snapping pictures to post.  Standing in line to go into the venue there were dreadlocks, hippie skirts, tie dye, lots of Phish t-shirts, and a noticeable odor of "skunk."  One very large stature woman had on purple fur leg warmers, too short shorts, a tank top, and some sort of woven "belt" made out of t-shirt strips that had a grass shirt look, but shorter, and she had her toddler with her in a stroller.  Like I said, I wanted to take pictures immediately.

We got through the line and entered the venue to find a man wearing what I can only describe as a tie dye tank top dress?  He had to have been 6'2", the dress was a dark shade of purple, almost a plum, with raspberry colored tie dye circles on it.  He was spinning around and twirling a hula hoop.

We proceeded to the closest area to get adult beverages and then went to our seats.  Even though we were almost an hour late, the show was on hippie time and we sat down during the first song they played.  The concert was at DTE Music Theater, which is a large outdoor seating arena, that has a pavilion and a lawn section.  Babboo, L, A, and I were in the pavilion, to the left of the stage, quite a ways back.  I didn't mind where our seats were because it was easy to get in and out of our seats, the restrooms were super close, and so were the beverages.  

I, of course, had to take an immediate survey of my surroundings.  Everyone within an eight seat radius was, what I consider, typical for a Phish concert, except for the couple in front of us who had to be in their 50s, dressed in casual attire. The woman had short, styled hair and very tasteful, natural makeup.  The man was clean cut, wearing a dark gray polo shirt and black golf shorts.  Babboo and I deemed them the "normal couple."  They only lasted through the first set and either grew tired of the constant haze, or just simply moved to other seats.  There was a guy in his late 20s early 30s to my left, who reminded me of a big dumb jock.  He danced the entire show like he was in an 80s aerobics video, but without any semblance of rhythm, but I appreciated that he was having a good time the entire show.  On one of my numerous trips to the drink stand I offered to buy him a beer, which he very politely declined and said after the beer he had, he was switching to water, very responsible.  When we got home and were recapping the night, Babboo said he talked to the guy between sets and he was pretty cool.  I still wonder if he was there by himself or if his friend(s) were just off doing whatever.

There are a few things about the "hippie" type of concerts that are typical.  The first, everyone is happy and friendly.  If someone bumps into you, they apologize immediately and sincerely mean it, they don't turn around and say, "what the fuck," and want to fight you.  I even got offered some pot cookie crumble in exchange for a cigarette, which I declined.  The second, the constant haze of smoke over the entire venue and the smell of a dog who was just sprayed by a skunk and was then doused in patchouli to cover the skunk smell.  The third, glow stick, glow bracelets, glow necklaces, and glow hula hoops.  If it glows, it was probably there.

The music was great even though I only knew a few songs of the 20+ song set list.  The people watching was amazing.  Would I go again?  Yes. It made Babboo happy, and he had a good night, so in the end so did I.  If I could sum up the show for those of you that may never make it to a Phish show, imagine the the dance scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas, all of the characters are dressed in tie dye or hippie skirts, and some have dreadlocks.  The haze around pigpen is actually smoke from all the weed that is being smoked and there are beach balls and glow sticks being tossed around.  Add a Phish song and you're there.

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