Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm Not a Creepy Stalker...

Isn't that exactly what a creepy stalker would say?

I have found some blogs I really like and identify with.  Sometimes I feel compelled to comment on said blogs.  Sometimes the authors of these blogs acknowledge my comments and sometimes they don't.  Most of these people are recognized people in the blogging world, unlike myself (sad face).  As I was posting a comment today, I wondered if any of these bloggers think I'm a weird stalker because of my comments or their frequency.  I'm not. No really, I'm not.  I haven't looked up their address, or tried to find their personal pages on the Book Face, or on LinkedIn.  Well not yet.  Now I just might have to do that.  Things just got a bit creepy.

My comments are pertinent to the post they have written and I'm not asking obscure questions like, "are you about a size 14?"  So I think I'm safe.  I just know, if people were reading my shit and commenting, people I didn't know personally, I'd be over the moon.  Maybe I'm just over thinking things because I should be cleaning the house and updating my resume, but I continue to procrastinate.  Surfing the web is way more fun. (Why do they call it surfing?)

Now I have a touch of a headache from all this pondering and I think I might go and Google a few people.  I'm sure the search results will make me a combination of jealous and depressed, since as I stated above, these people are actually recognized for their writing and I am not.  (My world takeover is not moving at a pace I'm happy with)  I think I'm having another mid-life crisis. Ugh.


  1. Soooo...are you about a size 14?

    1. lol, I can't hear or read it without saying to myself, "it puts the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again."