Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I've Got My Tie Dye and Birkenstocks Out

Photo from Jet Set Times
Babboo and I don't go out to eat that often, we don't go to the movies, we rarely will go to sporting events.  Not surprising for people that don't "like people."  We do however go to concerts.  Since we've been together I have seen Van Halen, Rush, Smashing Pumpkins, George Strait, Dave Matthews, John Mayer (twice), Alan Jackson, Bob Seger, Billy Joel, and maybe a couple others I could be missing.

Tonight we are going to see Phish.  Surprisingly, I have seen Phish before, Babboo has not.  I'm sure I will probably only know one or two songs even though a boyfriend in college was a pseudo hippie and listened to that kind of music.  The hardest thing I will have to endure tonight, around thousands of people, I have been nominated the designated driver.  Not only do I have to tote around 5 other people, who will be drinking, I will have to sit through hippies, young and old, doing their traditional hippie dancing, sporting their hippie attire, and smoking weed.  Please God, help me be strong.

Hopefully the spectacle of it all will amuse me and not totally annoy the shit out of me.  Right now I would place bets on the latter.  Hippie dancing is only funny for so long, and the smell of weed, good or bad, just smells like a skunk to me.  I'm sure I will have some good pictures to post though.  Hippies love to have their pictures taken and they will be too high to realize I'm doing it as a form of mockery, not as a "hey dude, let me document this for posterity, or so you remember it tomorrow."

I was looking forward to cutting into a t-shirt to make a halter top for tonight, but that joy has been squelched since it is 60 degrees out right now, and we all know anything below 72 is sweatshirt weather for me.  So I am left with the hope that I can eat something totally unhealthy and drown my sober, hippie over load in a huge plate of nachos.

Watch Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for possible live updates.  Otherwise, I'm sure I'll have some great stories tomorrow.

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