Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oh Look At Me and My Fancy Car, and My Bank Account...

As you know Babboo hates the "Book Face," he always says he doesn't give a shit if someone is at Disney World with their kids, or what restaurant they are at.  He says, "if I want to know what is going on with my friends, I'll call them."  I say fair enough, but schedules don't always permit 30 minute phone conversations or an impromptu lunch.  It's also a nice way to be able to make plans with someone you haven't seen in awhile because you know you'll be at the same event, which you would have had no idea, if it weren't for Facebook.

Recently I went to the Dave Matthews concert with Babboo.  I was able to meet up with one of my sorority sisters, Audrey, who I haven't seen in 15+ years, because she had posted she would be going to the show too.  Although our meeting was brief, it was awesome to see her again in person and we couldn't have had that chance if it weren't for Facebook.

Now onto the true subject of this post.  Most of you reading this are, more than likely, friends with me on Facebook.  Most of you will not fall into this category, at least from your posts, I don't think so, or maybe your lives really, really, suck and the you are under exaggerating the bad shit.  Aren't you all sick of that, or those, Facebook friends who paint their lives on Facebook like a fucking fairy tale?  My perfect house, my perfect husband, my perfect kids, our perfect vacation, my perfect job.....  Really?  I mean my life is good, really good in fact, but it's not fucking Stepford perfect, and I'm guessing no one's is.

I find it refreshing when someone is totally honest about their life when posting on Facebook.  One of my friends from high school recently posted a picture on Facebook of her kitchen with this description:

                    "Don't compare your real life to other people's abbreviate, edited highlights they reveal on Facebook. In an effort to promote transparency and to be genuine I am going to post a picture of what my kitchen looks like right now, without touching anything.  I dare you to do the same in the comment section below! Are you scared?  haha..."

I thought this was genius, not that I posted a picture, I just couldn't do it, the kitchen looked like a bomb went off.

Of course we all post pictures of life events on Facebook, or something we think is cool.  God knows I post a billion pictures of the dogs and cars that I wish were mine.  But I think with some of my other posts, you know, this is me, the real me, snark and all.

The moral of this post, be real on Facebook.  You don't have to be perfect for people to like you.  If you are friends with someone on Facebook, more than likely, you are well aware of their flaws and short comings and they are aware of yours.  Don't be this guy, the truth will rear its ugly head eventually.

I think Dave summed it up nicely with these lyrics:

                    "Oh look at me in my fancy car and my bank account
                      Oh, how I wish I could take it all down 
                      into my grave, God knows I'd save and save
                      Man, take a look again, take a look again
                      all the thing you have collected,
                      well in the end it all piles up so tall to one big nothing, 
                      one big nothing at all"

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  1. Well said! Unfortunately, I find since I've moved to this new little town and half of the population has added me to fb, I've become particular about what I will post and try to keep my snark to a minimum. I want to do a clean sweep of almost all of them, but am leery due to....I don't know....being shunned by them? How jacked up is that?! Apparently I have issues... ;)