Monday, August 25, 2014

Fantasy Football Draft

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Every year I know the end of the summer is near when Babboo has his Fantasy Football draft.  Don't get me wrong, I like sports it gives me a real reason to drink, other than stress.  I just don't want the summer to end, especially since it's been a cold summer.
I am excited for draft day because I get to open up the ol' appetizer board on Pinterest and plan the food selection.  I wish Babboo would let me stand up and announce the food.  I picture it going something like this:

            "For the first round of food in the 2014 Donkey Punchers Draft, I have selected Buffalo Chicken Dip......."   

I would rundown the entire menu that way, would try not to giggle, and would definitely be the only person in the room that was amused by my announcement.

Now I must move furniture around in the game room in preparation for the festivities.  The newly delivered pool table and the lack of the bar is making this a bit of a challenge.  Real world problems.

Side note:  Babboo is in more than one "league" and I think the "Donkey Punchers" is actually the college league in which they pick teams weekly not players.  I know it's a fabulous it if you don't understand.

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