Thursday, August 21, 2014

How Is That Shit Published?!

I am back to writing, and the screenplay is now going to be a book, which is just as hard to write, but with less formatting requirements, which were making the process WAY longer than I had the patience for.  I was inspired to sit down and write after finishing the book I was reading here and there over the past month.  It was just engaging enough to keep me interested, a semi-witty fiction, which ended up having a horrible ending that pissed me off.  It made me think, if this thing can get published, why can't mine.

The dogs are currently napping and I'm trying to multi-task by writing this post and waiting for the second load of laundry in the dryer to finish. I've yet to turn on the TV today, which is also a small miracle, not that I typically watch it all day, it's more background noise than anything else, but sometimes I would get sucked into watching a movie I had already seen multiple times.  I think it was more of an excuse to procrastinate.

Today has been a semi-productive day, especially since I am swearing off the Book Face for awhile.  It has become more of a place to share funny, political, or inspirational videos or pictures, and quite frankly I can find that shit on my own.  I'm sure I'll still check in from time to time to see whose kid got braces, or who went on a Disney cruise yet again, but the time away is needed before I went bat shit crazy on someone or everyone!

I'm also going to try to start the book my friend sent me, the one I posted about not too long ago.  I REALLY need some inspiration these days.  The bank account is depleting and I have yet to find a job, not that I've been applying myself 100% to that task, so a little inspiration is much needed.  Yes, I am still trying to find the perfect job, so if you know of something or someone who may know of something, keep me in mind.  I promise I am much more productive when I actually have deadlines.  When you still have a couple pair of clean socks and nothing to do tomorrow the laundry can always wait.

It's days like these I wonder what some of the people who write those blog ----------> on my blogger list , do.  I've read most of the "about me" sections on each of the blogs and the stay at home/unemployed descriptions make me question how these people pay their bills and aren't posting day after day that they are sitting in the dark eating ramen noodles due to the fact that they have no money, because the have no job.  If this sounds like any of you ------> and you'd like to send me a private message enlightening me, please go to my Facebook page and do so, even though I'm giving up the book face, I'll see the message.  I'm actually very curious.

I hear the ever so annoying beep of the dryer going off, which means my "work" here is done for now. I must be on my way.

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