Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'm An Ostrich

I believe I named this blog appropriately because one day is snark, the next is about shit, another is a serious post....Total Randomness is exactly what it is.  I'm inspired/annoyed by a million different things.  This post was inspired by a blog post a friend shared on the Book Face.

The only thing I know about Joshua is what it says on his "About" section on his blog.  This post is the only thing I've read of his, but I'm sure I will click through some of his other posts and see what he has to offer.  I identify with so much of what he says in this post.  It's lengthy, but a good read, and it inspired me to get on my Internet soap box.

You've read my recent rants about the Book Face and fake people and their fake lives.  You've read about how I don't give two shits about the Kardashians.  You've read about the "funk" I'm in quite frequently these days.  If you haven't read any of these things, you obviously aren't a daily reader here, and if you have, you will know I don't care if you've read them or not.

Let me first say, politics are for politicians.  I try to keep myself informed, but find myself outraged a lot of the time with the politics in this country and unfortunately choose the ostrich approach of burying my head in the sand.  The people who are the "politicians" who care and want to represent the people, and do good, are few and far between.  More times than not these peoples' voices are not heard or they are not elected because big business (that actually runs our country)  squelches their views or ideas.  The true politicians, the puppets of big business may have started out caring, but greed or the promise of power consume their once good intentions.  

So many people turn to technology and social media as a means of escape.  But we can't escape the real outside world no matter how hard we try.  That video of the crying baby soothed by the sounds of Katy Perry is sandwiched by a news video of what is going on in the Middle East and a link to a story about soldier's surprise homecoming.  It's a roller coaster of emotions we endure everyday on the Internet and TV.  I watch the news every morning and then I self soothe by laughing at Jimmy Fallon at night.  I'm just as guilty as the next person.

I still tell myself and want to believe that most people want to do good, but we have all been cursed with philanthropic ADD by the media.  We jump on the bandwagon of what the media and many times Hollywood tells us is important right now.  We sympathized with the people affected by the falling of the Twin Towers, the people affected by natural disasters, like Katrina, the family and friends of a slain  local law enforcement officer.  We wanted to help.  We donated money, calling into a fundraising effort where celebrities answered phones to help the people of Haiti, or attended an event to raise money for a local child's hospital bills for his/her cancer treatment.   Some donated time.  Events like this made us angry, and sad at the same time.  We shed tears for the people suffering, but then another event happened and we were onto the next.

I hope a couple things remain at the top of our minds.  These are what I feel are important and you can agree or disagree.  We should always support our troops who fight for our "freedom."  Whether you believe in what they fight for or not, remember they are following orders.  The government, that orders them to put themselves in harms way for the rest of us, is quick to turn a blind eye to them when they return home.  This is deplorable.  The other, legal, U.S. citizens should never be hungry due to poverty.  NEVER.  Some of you will be offended that I said "legal,U.S. citizens," and that's your right.  I make no apologies for it.

I recognize the irony and hypocrisy of this post and that of Joshua's post.  We take to the Internet to get on our soap boxes and preach to you what we believe, and condemn the media and others when they do just that.  We seek the approval of others by posting funny pictures, witty statements, what we ate for lunch, a link to a blog post, but condemn others when they do the same thing.  Then a friend posts this link and I can't help myself but to click on it and then sit asking myself is this shit supposed to be satirical, ironic, serious, or a combination?  

Some days I think I'm just better off with my head in the sand.

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