Saturday, August 2, 2014

Random Shit on a Saturday

I'm a sucker for novelty crap
This is not a bacon lighter, it is a dispenser for bacon flavored toothpicks.  Someone bought it for Babboo.  I opened it up a few days ago because we had corn on the cob.  The bacon "flavor" was minimal and tasted totally artificial, but I enjoy the dispenser.

The bad thing about being unemployed, I watch the Food Network and look for recipes on Pinterest a LOT.  Fortunately, I'm too lazy to leave the house for any ingredients to actually make the stuff.

How is it the dogs know when I have a killer headache and they are extra barky then?

I like tea, hot tea and iced tea, both sweet, but I will drink it sans sugar if I have to.

Lately all I've been is exhausted, unmotivated, and forgetful.  Carol says she feels the same way.  Something in the water?

I forgot what this one was going to be.

Some bloggers' posts get hundreds of comments, they must be the popular kids.  I want to be a popular kid.

I find random photos on my phone I was going to blog about, forgot about, and then found and I'm not sure what the post(s) was going to be about.

I just love it when someone claims something that was clearly not "theirs," be it something tangible, or an idea.  Last I checked, it wasn't yours, and even if it was too fucking bad.

I think people that call themselves trophy wives and are serious are smug cunts that lack substance.  It's almost like people who brag about a school they went to, but are as dumb as a fucking box of rocks, or a guy that brags abut his weiner size only to fall short when he "uses" it.

A friend brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for her kids on the boat a couple of weeks ago.  Babboo and I are now obsessed with them.

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