Friday, August 8, 2014

Why I Am Removing Fox 2 News From My Book Face Feed

I've said it time and time again.  I think it every time I read/click on a link on a Fox 2 News story.  I'm sick of stupid people.

I made the mistake of commenting on a Fox 2 link on Friday morning and I am now taking them off my feed because I get all worked up over dumb people's comments.

Here's the interaction between myself and another commenter:

I was going to block out Loletta's face and name, but then thought, you posted it loud and proud, why should I protect your ignorant statements.

She also made this ridiculous statement that I had to reply on.  I just couldn't help myself:
I also love the statement about law enforcement harassing "our men and boys."  I just didn't want to spend more time pulling up statistics on crime for someone that will just never get it.  I wanted so badly to directly ask her what her thoughts were on the Steven Utash case, but knew I would get some ignorant response so I let it go, and NOW I am deleting Fox 2 News off my news feed.

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