Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm Not Fat, I'm a Big-Boned Mermaid!

I absolutely LOVE Halloween.  It is by far my favorite holiday.  I love decorating for Halloween, I love the creepy food that can be made, I love the funny costumes people come up with.  The problem is every single boyfriend I've had hasn't liked, let alone loved, Halloween as much as me.  I've never been able to plan the couple's costumes for us to wear.  I haven't thrown the killer Halloween party I've planned year after year.
This year is no different.  Babboo doesn't like Halloween.  We don't  "celebrate" Halloween.  I'm pretty sure that Babboo has had to work every Devil's night and Halloween since we've been together.  For those of you that aren't familiar with Devil's night, it is the night before Halloween, a night filled with Halloween "tricks."  Google it and you'll find the "tricks" are no joke.
I still find couples costumes which would be awesome to dress up as:
Sheldon and Amy, my favorite!


Squints and Wendy
Maybe some day I will convince Babboo to throw a huge, epic Halloween Party and we can dress up.  Until then, I'll have to dress up on my own, and that's ok.  I just need someone to throw a party so I can wear either of these costumes:

I can guarantee one thing, I won't be ordering my "fat girl" costume from Walmart.  I say that mostly because I don't like giving any of my money to Walmart, but maybe just a little because of their description of some Halloween costumes on their website.

And is the girl on the left considered "fat?"  Did they purposely put an advertisement for ranch dressing above the "fat girl costumes?"  I'm guessing the person who put that description on the website is a total woman-hating douche with a tiny penis.
May you have a Happy Halloween and may all your candy be free of pins and razor blades and nuts if you're allergic.

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