Friday, October 17, 2014

Wake Up Call

I have friends on Facebook I've never met.  Some of these people I met through the blogging world, some are friends of friends.  It's funny that I consider people I've never met in person friends, but I do.  I enjoy reading their posts and seeing pictures of their families. 
Recently one of these people posted on Facebook that his wife had a stroke and prayers were needed.  His next post was that his wife of 30 years passed away.  Even though I have never spoken one word to this man or his wife, I cried.  My heart hurt for him.  Reading all of the posts of condolences and seeing all the pictures of them together was very touching and quite frankly a wake up call.  This beautiful woman who was his world was living a normal life and then taken from this world so suddenly.  That could be me, that could be my best friend, that could be you, we just never know when our time will be up.  
We all have our ups and downs and I, probably more than others piss and moan about the most insignificant things, but when you are faced with something like this, it makes you appreciate life.  When you think about losing someone, the car in the driveway, how much money you make, or the name on your designer shoes doesn't matter as much as  the thought of life without someone you care about.
Enjoy what you may think are the most mundane things in your life.  Hug a little longer.  Say I love you one more time.

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