Friday, October 31, 2014

Yep, This One is Random

I'm sitting here in the kitchen watching television by the fireplace while it is snowing and blowing outside on Halloween.  I'm not surprised by the weather.  I don't remember the last time it wasn't rainy or cold on Halloween.  I had planned on going to a neighborhood party, but that meant time outside in the cold and that didn't sound very appealing once I saw the weather forecast.

As of today I still don't have a job.  Sometimes I wonder if I should have just stayed where I was, then I come to my senses and say to myself, fuck that.  I'm thinking I might have to go back to retail because, quite honestly, I need a paycheck.  Do I want to go back to retail, not really.  Do I know what I really want to do, No.  I should say realistically I don't know what I want to do.  I'd stay at home and make crafts all day if I could make enough money to pay my bills.

Besides the paycheck, I need some time out of the house.  I love that the dogs aren't left alone all day, and I love not having an annoying alarm wake me up before the sun has even made an appearance, but I think I need some social interaction.  I'm in that funk again, where I just feel off.  It would probably help if I got out of my pajamas every once in awhile, but it's so easy not to.

I contemplated getting out some Christmas decorations and planning where I would put the trees this year.  Last year I only did one Christmas tree.  I think I will go with two this year, but I have to strategically place them because I'm sure Morgan would wreak havoc on a fully decorated Christmas tree.

I can't wait for the election to be over.  I am so sick of all the commercials.   There's one candidate who has commercials on constantly.  He has no experience for the office he is running for and I'm afraid he will win based on his name alone.  That's really frustrating to me.  The local news had the gubernatorial candidates on last night talking about what their focuses will be if they were elected.  After both had been interviewed, a segment was shown where a newscaster went to a local store and showed people the pictures of the candidates to see what they knew.  Most couldn't come up with their names or the office they were running for. That is scary!

Now I need to venture outside to get some more wood for the fire.  I should probably find something for dinner too.  I've lost my appetite for "meals."  Most of the time I will have some sort of snack, usually not the healthiest of snacks, but it's something.  I should probably do some more job hunting too, it's just not the most uplifting of tasks.

I hope all of you have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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