Saturday, November 8, 2014

Inspiration and Signs

The title of this post is actually one of my Pinterest boards.  I started this board three years ago.  It contains funny quotes, snarky signs, and many inspirational quotes.  Every time I browse through this board it does light a fire under my ass a little.  Maybe I should look at it everyday.  I love this board, I wish I could embody all the things on this board everyday.  I have my favorites of course, but all of them ring true.  One of my friends even bought me a sign with one of the sayings on it.

I have one similar to this.

How can I live up to all of these?  How do people do it?  Do all the inspirational speakers out there look on the bright side when they just been dealt a load of shit?  Honestly, I'd like to know what Tony Robbins does when he's having a bad day, don't you?

I've always believed that people who give advice, should live by their own words.  So it's difficult for me to buy into the unicorns and rainbow speeches of the self-help/motivational speakers when some of their relationships have gone up in flames.

Tony Robbins had a girlfriend while he was married.  Wayne Dyer has been married 3 times.  Jim Rohn was divorced.  Les Brown is divorced also.  Wouldn't you think that these great motivational speakers would have had great successful relationships?  Well, I thought that.  So you can understand my pessimism when it comes to their advice.

I think I'd be better off trying to live up to the quotes with anonymous authors.  That way I can't google them and find out that they are "do as I say, not as I do," type of people.....

I think I'll just try to do this everyday.....

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