Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pinterest and the DIY Channel Should Join Forces

I have been addicted to Pinterest for over 3 years now.  I was fortunate enough to request and receive an invitation to start Pinning when the site was by invitation only.  I have over 10,000 pins on 183 boards.  The majority of my pins are food related, which is no big surprise since Babboo and I cook almost every day.  Whenever I want to find a recipe now, I don't Google it, I do a search on Pinterest.  I also have quite a few craft related pins.  I've done a few of the crafts and I'm planning on doing a few more for Christmas.  I LOVE PINTEREST!

Last night, while I was laying in bed, I came up with a fabulous idea (in my opinion).  I think Pinterest and the DIY channel should join forces and produce a Pinterest show.  Pinterest could rate the most pinned recipes, crafts, household tips, etc.... then have people cook, craft, or demonstrate the pins on the show. There could be holiday episodes highlighting decorating, crafts, and foods. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, kids' Birthdays, and so many others could be highlighted, the list is endless really.  
I'm not sure what limitations there would be with copyrights, but the majority of the crafts are pretty much "common knowledge" at this point.  I'm sure no one has a copyright on making oven bake clay ornaments, or pallet wall decor.  

I know I loved watching all the crafty shows that used to be on HGTV.  Now it seems like all the shows on HGTV and DIY are home improvement type shows, not really shows where the viewer can go out and get some supplies and actually complete the "project" on their own.  Imagine a show like Martha Stewart, but without the audience, the visits to Martha's house, and the over the top set.  Hell the set could be built with Pinterest "Pinspirations" (that's what I like to describe my pins, inspirations from pins).  

Now let's talk about the host and/or the personalities on the show.  I would gladly host the show.  It only makes sense that I would, I did come up with this awesome idea.  The show could include some of the "authors" of the pins, meaning the actual people from which the pin originated.  They could have people who are the "specialist" for each category.  One person would be the crafty host, one the cook, one the holiday specialist, one the shopping expert.  They could have guest pinners on to help.   

There could be a show based on products pinned from Etsy.  How awesome would it be for a small business owner, who sells on Etsy, to have their products highlighted on a nationally televised show.  The Etsy shows could air right around the holiday episodes, so people would buy their products as Christmas presents, Mother's Day gifts, graduation presents, again, the list goes on and on. 

The ideas just keep coming to me as I write this.  I guess I shouldn't give away all my suggestions, so when Pinterest and the DIY channel decide my idea really is pretty amazing, they will actually come to me to be a consultant/producer/host. 

How many of you would watch this?  I'm guessing quite a few people would tune into this show.  According to an article by Craig Smith, on Digital Marketing Ramblings, there are 70 million Pinterest users.  Of the 70 million people on Pinterest, 80% are women, and 60% of users are from the US.  This show would be an instant success and I'm sure the revenue potential from advertisers would be pretty good too, to say the least.  

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