Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Election night 2014, and I'm sitting here finishing off a bottle of wine and watching the Voice.  You would think after a bottle of wine the creative juices would be flowing, but they are not, so this post is going to be lots of random.
I have perused Facebook and now know I am a "Real Gangsta" because I could translate 11 ebonic words.  I have watched a cat and squirrel play together.  I know what friends have voted (Thumbs up to all who voted).  I got to see the Minion Movie trailer, which is awesome.  How can anyone not love the minions.
Most of you are aware I call my bf my sweet Babboo.  I won't explain the reasons for the millionth time, but yes he is a real person who does not like social media.  Well, as he was picking on me tonight, I said, "no, sweet Babboo."  He responded, "you killed sweet Babboo by being mean."  He was kidding, I think.  I hope so because I laughed.  It's the wine.
Sometimes I will put my hair up in a bun and stick a ink pen in it to secure it.  I have had the pens explode on me twice.  Ink all over my neck, in my hair, and on my clothes isn't easy to get out.
I made coffee cake last night and it was a big let down.  I love coffee cake and all the yummy streusel on top.  This one was blah, and disappointing.  I think I'll make some sort of glaze for the top, I can't let cake go to waste!
I made garlic sauce tonight.  The recipe called for a whole head of garlic.  I will never have to worry about vampires.
I signed up to write content for $$$ the other day.  Basically once your writing sample is "graded," you can choose assignments posted on a website and get paid for your writing.  I visited the site today to pick an assignment and there were 40+ assignments under the jewelry subject.  This is what the assignment instrctions say:
     "write a brief (about 15 to 25 words), but catchy description of each product....Essentially, add anything memorable about the product. We’re looking for something unique. If it’s vibrant acrylic, go ahead and write that. If there are dazzling diamonds, write that. Be creative!.....Examples:
You'll look modern in this exquisite Celtic accent bracelet, perfect for St. Patrick's Day. The bracelet features detailed scrollwork in stainless steel set on a bold 7.5 inch black leather band."
The wine makes me want to write something snarky.

Love the 80's?  This gold tone rope chain is for you.  You'll look like a total "macheesemo" with your favorite gold plated pendant hanging from this bad boy.  Go ahead, spoil yourself, you deserve it.

I know, a little wordy, but you all want to buy it now.  I don't think the client would accept my submissions.

My wine has become warm and I just put some ice cubes in it, but the bottle is empty and I have a feeling of accomplishment that I haven't felt since I quit my job.
Some days I really consider selling stuff on Etsy, or maybe pedaling my wares to gift shops for them to sell.  I wonder if I could make enough money to pay the bills.
I feel that is enough random for one night.  I wanted to post a picture of my empty wine bottle, my plastic cup full of ice and wine, and my hair twisted into a bun with an ink pen, but my crappy phone is dead, no big surprise, so I couldn't.  Use your imagination.

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