Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fashionista I'm Not....

Sometimes I actually click on a link on Pinterest just to be sure I want to pin it to a board.  I did that today on this picture:
The link took me to a page that basically said to half tuck your shirts & sweaters, to roll your sleeves and pants a certain way and these two gems:

The one on the left suggests using the totally 80's peg roll.
The one on the right says to tug your shirts to the side before tying them.

The tying of shirts I'm OK with, especially with a longer, boxy t-shirt.  It looks cute with some cropped boyfriend jeans and flip flops.  Notice I said, "longer."  I definitely would not be tying my shirt underneath my boob.

I'm not really on board with the whole peg rolling of ANYTHING.  I think it's because at one point in my life peg rolling was cool, but in the pictures it looks anything but cool.

Now onto the rest of the elements in these pictures.  What the fuck are they wearing?!

Are those dead palm trees? Are those her pajamas? Are those ankle strap sandals that have the ankle strap concealed by the peg roll?  Is that considered business on the top and party on the bottom? And can we please discuss how far up her pants are pulled?  I guess I should be grateful for the palm trees or marijuana leaves because I'm pretty sure they are camouflaging a camel toe.

The sheer skirt over the mini skirt makes me uncomfortable.  i don't know why.  And once again with the skirt pulled up way too high.  Is this one casual on the top and formal on the bottom?

Is there anyone out there that thinks either of these looks are ok (besides the people in them).  Is there anyone out there that would actually wear either of these outfits?  I'm praying these were not styled, because these stylists should be fired!

I'd love to buy both of these outfits and the next two times I'm meeting Carol for something weari them and see what she says.  If she's a true friend, she'd say what I said, "What the fuck are you wearing!!!!!?????"

Apparently these pictures were not properly given credit and they were removed.  FUCK THEM.

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