Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Privacy Please

Very soon I will be taking all the blogs to a higher privacy setting.  They will be open to people who are on "the list" only.  Basically you will have to give me your email address and then I can send you an invitation.  You will have to log in to read the blog once this privacy setting goes into effect.

I know this sounds like a big pain in the ass, but I don't need any future employers reading about my snark, or how I hate people, while I tell them I'm a people person.  I think you understand.

I'm also considering just making them totally private, still writing posts, and letting you all catch up later on.  We shall see.

That goes for the same on the Facebook front.  I will probably be off the grid for awhile, but sneak on at 1 am to see how you're all doing.  Hopefully when I return, it will be with good news of a great job, a planned vacation to someplace warm, and a picture of my manicure.

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