Monday, January 19, 2015

Really Random Monday

  • I have 11 drafts of posts just waiting to be reviewed, edited and published. 
  • I feel off today
  • The kitchen is a disaster after last night's dinner and I wish I had a housekeeper
  • I desperately want a job I love
  • Or to win the lottery
  • I want to bake cookies and breads
  • I want a vacation to someplace warm and sunny with a really good book
  • I want my motivation to kick back in
  • I want to be awesome
  • I'm sick of selfish people, I want to tell them to wake the fuck up
  • I'll always be Snarky
  • I love Morgan and Jameson 
  • I want to get a manicure every week
  • And a facial
  • I'm watching The Other Woman for the 4th time
  • I'm laying in bed writing this
  • I love my friends
  • I consider myself pretty funny
  • I'm going to take a nap and try to get my head "right"

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