Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Coming to You Live From the Pickle Park

Don't drink the water ducky, you have no clue what's been in there!
It's no secret that Carol and I find ourselves and each other hilarious.  We always have inside jokes that we like to post on the Book Face that are very cryptic to anyone other than us.

Today Carol was telling me about a radio show where people were calling in to tell their stories about the most shocking/disturbing things they had seen.  One guy called in to tell his story about what he saw at a rest stop.  The guy was a truck driver and he and his wife were parked at a rest stop AKA pickle park (which I had to explain to Carol), when they saw a lot lizard (look it up) get out of a semi, walk a few feet from the rig, pull up her skirt and proceed to clean her Gina in a puddle.  After her puddle bath, she climbed into the next semi to take care of business.  Pretty sad that a puddle in truck stop parking lot was cleaner than her Gina.

We decided one of our radio broadcasts would definitely have to be from a pickle park to see if we could witness a Gina bath or something just as shocking. I'm sure our millions of listeners would love it.  Carol drunk on Bud Light, peeing her pants and talking about hookers.

I'm pretty confident if this radio show was on air, we'd both be single, as most of our conversations are not significant other appropriate.  Look out Howard Stern, the Carols are going to take over the airwaves.

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  1. I LOVE IT! THE WORLD NEEDS THE CAROL SHOW! It would be TOTALLY legal on satellite radio!