Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It's Called PMS

Be warned, this could prove to be a snarky rant filled with tears, chocolate, and lots of random topics all rolled into one.

This is day 175 of my job search.  I will admit the first couple months weren't hard core searching, more like attempting to get my old ass resume up to date and in a new format.  I will also admit I had a minor melt down today which included a almost-ugly cry in the restroom at work.  Some of you who don't really "know" me might ask, "you have a job?"  Hell, some of you that don't know me might ask the same question.  Yes, I have a job.  A part-time job in a field that I long to leave behind, which pays the bills, and keeps me from living in a van down by the river.

I'm going to partly blame PMS for my minor break down and place the remaining blame on the fact that although I'm totally awesome, I'm not having the best of luck landing a job in a field outside of the one that I've been in for over half of my life.  Ugh, just typing that makes me want to jump in a time machine, travel back 20 years, and give myself some advice on my future career choices.  Hell, I'd give myself some advice on my relationship choices too.  Wouldn't we all like to do that?! Unfortunately my time machine is currently out of order and I can't find a good mechanic to fix it. 

The bright moment in this self loathing, pity party of a day was the chocolate bunny and can of Pringles that I consumed on my car ride home.  I'm a bottle of wine and chick flick soundtrack away from an epic pity party.  * Side Note - I Googled "pity party play lists" and this link came up, but just my luck, I couldn't get any of the playlists to actually play.  I did find the awesome picture in this post there and don't know who to credit for it, so if it's yours, let me know.

I'm sure some of my Facebook friends are sick of hearing about my job search and are tired of my pity parties.  Frankly, I could give two shits if they are.  Don't like it?  De-friend me.  Go back to posting pictures of your "perfect" little world and writing posts that are a one sided view of your perfect life.  I can say, at least I act like a real person.  I can admit my faults.  I'm happy one day, and sad the next.  I'm thankful for the things in my life, but sometimes things get me down.  I'm human.  I can't wait to see how many people drop off the list after this post.  

Babboo switched his gym membership last week and that made me wonder, if my current situation can be partly blamed on the lack of endorphins in my head from the lack of actual exercise in my life.  I'm totally out of shape right now.  Our seats at the last concert we attended were in the first row and I was cursing that seat choice the first time I climbed the 1323 stairs to go pee.  I wanted to stop mid-way up the climb, hold onto the handrail of the steps, let my burning leg muscles rest, and catch my breath, but I powered through because of the possibility I would pee my pants if I didn't make it to the restroom fairly quickly.

I find it a little funny that "Countdown to Apocalypse" was on while I was writing this post and I noticed after I finished it.

I've had enough of pissing and moaning, as I'm sure you have too.  Back to checking my e-mail, and every known job search site, in hopes of finding something sooner, rather than later.  

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