Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mother's Day Is Coming

I think you all may have forgotten about my Zazzle store, SnarkyLovesBabboo.  Actually I know you have, because there hasn't been any action there at all, ever.  I'm not really heart broken over this, since I made the shop for shits and giggles.  Most of the products were made with a particular people in mind.  Let's take a walk through the shop to review the awesomeness and you can get some Mother's Day gift ideas (probably a horrible gift for Mom, but I don't judge).

This one was inspired by something Babboo said to one of his friends.  I don't remember exactly what the friend was doing, but we all have that one person in our lives who makes bad choices quite frequently, the friend that does things that would be teachable moments on an after school special.
 This one was inspired by Carol.  Enough said.
 Babboo says this to me all the time.  He says it jokingly, most of the time.
 Only fair that I would have something that I say to Babboo.  He thinks this saying is stupid and makes zero sense, but I think it's a perfect response to his attitude.
 I can't name the person that this was inspired by because she would freak out and tell me to remove her name because of the men boys that she "dates" would see it.  You know who you are.
Babboo says this, but it actually came from some guy we saw on the local news.  He actually said this, on camera.  When Babboo says it, he's joking, the other guy was not.

I suppose you could buy most of these for Mom, but if you like her, probably not.

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