Wednesday, April 15, 2015

This Has Been Super Fun, But Seriously....

Don't know where I found this.  If it's yours,
let me know and I'll give you some credit.
The title of this post is meant to be read with a ton of snark, so read it again and then proceed.

My self esteem is dwindling everyday I don't have a "real" job.  I got a fabulous, "thanks, but no thanks," email today and I wanted to find a phone number for the HR person of this company and let them know what a huge mistake they were making, like when Julia Roberts walks back into the snooty shop on Rodeo with all of her shopping bags in Pretty Woman, "Big mistake. BIG. Huge!!!"

So, I'm taking a much needed break from yet another day on the computer searching for job postings, researching companies, and praying to God I get a job sooner rather than later, to write this post. I just keep telling myself not to settle.  Settling got me 20 years in retail, working every weekend, holiday, and a complete loss of my sanity at various times of the year.  I'm smart, I'm driven, I'm a quick study, I'm personable, and I would hire me for any of the jobs I'm applying to for those reasons alone.  Product knowledge and procedures can be learned quickly, they are nothing more than memorization.  Developing rapport with customers cannot be taught and I have that.  As much as I'm not a people person, I am a people person.  Babboo tells me all the time he couldn't do what I do.

Someone reading this must know someone, who knows someone, who is looking for an amazing, awesome, hard working, dedicated, goal driven, smart, funny, responsible, competent person to hire for an outside sales position.  Even though I've loved the search, I'm ready for my dream job, like yesterday, Seriously.

With that, I must go back to my quest.  God, if you're reading this, please let me get a job by the end of the month, or at least an interview that leads to a job.


  1. Love the blog and your all-or-nothing attitude. Snark is wonderful. Never apologize for that. One blog post read and I've bookmarked this to read further between rare, work-free nights. Keep the chin up and flash that beautiful smile. Those dream jobs are slippery bastards. But you're right - you are far too good to settle.

  2. I just discovered your blog, and got sucked into reading the most recent posts. Adding you to the list I try and read regularly immediately :) They are looking for a consultant at the place I work, but it's a techie position - not sales.

  3. Thanks to you both! I've been not so regular at blog posting because I'm crying in the fetal position in bed having a "moment," I'm on the computer searching for a job, I'm avoiding searching for a job and trolling on facebook, I'm avoiding searching for a job and pinning a thousand recipes on Pinterest, or I'm at my "temporary" job, loathing every minute of it.