Friday, April 10, 2015


Here I go again, not quite an ugly cry, but the tears are falling and I'm having a hard time getting them to stop.  I'm tired of burdening you all with my failure at securing a new job (and I'm sure you're all tired of it too), but if I don't get it out, I'll really lose my shit.

I applied for a job, a job that sounded really promising, a job with a company that had good reviews by current and former employees, a job with good benefits, a job with a financially stable company.  I decided to be positive and proactive and start preparing for an interview.  I compiled practice interview questions and started to answer them based on the job requirements, my experience, and my research on the company.  I went to the company website tonight to review the listing once more and it's gone, no longer on the website.  My heart literally sank.  All I can hope is that they had enough applicants to review and the job has not been filled.  I was really hopeful about this one, and I'm having a hard time staying hopeful.

So why not eat my feelings.  I'm currently making poutine, French fries with a zip sauce gravy, no cheese curd, but maybe some shredded.  Then I'll let the whole thing settle into my thighs and ass as I lay in bed trying to sleep because I have to work at 7 am.

I do have a set of practice interview questions which will help even if I don't get an interview for this job.  I'm trying to stay positive, it's getting harder and harder, but I'm trying.

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