Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Red Wine Teeth and a Paint Brush

As you all know I am searching for a job.  I post it a million times here and on the Book Face.  I'm sure just like a lot of you, I'd rather have my own business.  I'd really like to have one of those painting/wine businesses.  I like to be crafty.  I enjoy creating things.  I also enjoy an adult beverage from time to time, so I think I'd really be really good at it.  For shits and giggles I decided to look into the cost of a franchise.  Of course I had to fill out a lengthy form with my name, address, email, phone number, social security number, mother's maiden name, blood type, how many people I've had sex with along with their names, birth dates, current addresses and a rating of their performance from 1-10.  I'm not quite sure why they wanted those names, maybe for references, or someone at this company is REALLY desperate to meet someone, or get laid.

Once I had filled out online form #1, I had to go on to fill out form #2.  Scared from the questions on the first form, I said screw this, apparently this drunken paint night company has some trade secrets that it does NOT want to give out to just anyone.  I have received two phone calls from them wanting to speak to me about my inquiry.  I really think Becky from "Wasted Painting" just wants to see if I have any phone numbers for anyone that got a rating of 7 or above.  I haven't returned Becky's calls so if you are on the list and feel your performance was a 7+, don't get a complex that she hasn't called you, I'm absolutely positive my rating and yours are exactly the same.

The one bit of information I did get from the company's website is you need about $100,000 to open up one of their franchises.  I told Babboo and he was like, "what the hell do they provide for 100k?"  I thought about it for awhile and once again, Babboo is right (don't tell him).  Even if I had the money to start up a "Puked on My Palette" franchise, I can't justify what they provide for $100,000.  So, I guess it's on to the next idea.  I'll consider all (reasonable) suggestions.....

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