Thursday, June 4, 2015

I'm Totally In Shape

Unfortunately my shape is like a very large circle.  Totally disgusted by my "shape" and finally coming to the realization that if I can't control the outcome of this hellacious job search, I decided I should focus on something I actually can control.  So I dusted off the rower and got started.  Let me tell you my first rowing experience, it was short lived.  Although it wasn't a "trip around the lake" distance, I was glad I got started.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?  RIGHT?!
If any of you have ever thought about rowing as your go to exercise, I highly recommend it.  It seriously works your entire body, back, core, legs, arms....  It's also really easy to turn on the television and just get down to business.
Torture Device of Choice (just kidding)
Photo from
I told Babboo I wanted a water rower and he bought me one over a year ago.  This particular rower has a "waterflywheel," which is a large plastic disc-shaped vessel that actually holds water.  This design, "emulates the exact dynamics of a boat moving through the water."  It has a small monitor that tells you distance, time, strokes per/hour, and lots more that I haven't figured out yet.
Hopefully I'll be able to shed the muumuu and put back on a bikini soon.  That's not me by the way.

photo from Rachel Herrick

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