Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Search Goes On, and On, and On

Yes, I am still searching for a job.  I never thought it would take this long.  It's frustrating.  I'm checking a million job postings a week.  I'm applying for every job I'm even remotely qualified for and then some.  This post is for all of you out there that feel my pain and are in the same situation.

This is my open letter to every hiring manager out there.

Dear Hiring Manager,

I recently applied for the position you posted for a ______ sales representative.  I may not have years and years of sales experience, but I have the tenacity and intelligence to actually do the job and believe it or not, be very successful at it.  Unlike other applicants with the required "experience," I'm not a jaded sales representative, I haven't developed the bad habits that those applicants possess. I'm sure you are aware of these habits, and if you are not, I'd be happy to fill you in.

I'm highly intelligent.  I won't bore you with SAT or ACT scores, but I am quite capable of learning product knowledge, systems, and whatever else you'd like to throw my way and I can learn these things quickly.  My lack of "experience" drives me to work harder to prove to you, you made the right decision by offering the job to me and giving me the opportunity to prove to you that less experience isn't a bad thing.

As you can see from my resume I worked in retail for years.  I know how to deal with people.  I know how to build rapport.  I can hear "no" but still ask for the sale again, and smile while doing it.  Don't you want a person that can do all that?

Pardon the cliche, but I work hard, so I can play hard.  I like nice things.  I want to take a nice vacation.  I want to drive a nice car.  I want to live in a nice house.  I want to be a contributor to the household.  I want a nice retirement fund and I want some money in the bank.  Basically, I am money driven and that is the kind of person you need as a sales representative.

Let me prove to you that giving a chance to someone that doesn't have your company's required years of experience will be the best hiring decision you've made in a long time.  You will not be disappointed.

I hope you have read this in its entirety.  If you did, thank you for your time and consideration.  If you didn't, you are missing out.  Someone will hire me even if you don't.  I will be working for your competition and for you that will be an unfortunate turn of events.

Sincerely your next selling star or your biggest competitor

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  1. I love it. I had a moment today when I almost remembered what it was like to have money in the bank. By tomorrow it will have passed, but still..