Wednesday, July 22, 2015

$25 A Pound for Bologna?!

Photo courtesy Edelweiss Deli
Who, in their right mind, would pay $25 a pound for bologna? This girl, that's who.  Babboo's birthday is today and he wanted to try Schweinebauch from Edelweiss Deli in Portland, Oregon.  Living in the Mitten, I couldn't just jump in the car and pick up a few pounds, so I've been diligently visiting their website to see if it was back in stock for shipping.  Sunday was my lucky day and I submitted my order for the minimum 3 pounds along with a pound of rosemary garlic bologna.  I clicked "checkout," entered in my shipping info and up popped the total with the shipping charges, $109.  Yep, that's not a typo, one-hundred nine dollars.  Babboo told me not to order it when I told him the total with shipping, but he's totally worth it so I did.  The UPS man should be knocking on the door tomorrow with a package of meat, B-O-L-O-G-N-A.  Sing the song you know you want to.  I'll post our review after we sample the deliciousness.  It's wrapped in bacon, how could it possibly be bad?


  1. OK guys, the bologna was DELICIOUS!!!!! Totally worth the $$$$. Next time I will buy more and hopefully the shipping won't go up too much. Go order yourself some, like, NOW!

  2. Add me to the list, but by mistake.

    I went to our local healthfood store recently and got pastrami with my cart full of stuff, because Shane needs lunches. I got so FEW things for my almost $400 receipt at that store, that I took a PHOTO OF THE TRUNK--NOT FULL OF BAGS, like "seriously? *this* is $385.00 worth of food???"

    Once I looked down the receipt lines, I realized that I paid $16.00 and some change for THREE QUARTERS OF A POUND of pastrami. $22 a POUND? What. the. heck. Was it from a unicorn?

    *whispers* we actually threw out the last of it because it started smelling funny. shhhhhhh

    *gag* *eye roll* *slaps self around some more*