Thursday, August 13, 2015

MLC Diagnosis Part 1

No MLC is not some horrible disease or syndrome.  I'm fine and dandy, well as fine and dandy as I can be.  MLC = midlife crisis.  I'm sitting at the kitchen table, catching up on some shows and I just had an epiphany.  I just confirmed my midlife crisis by reviewing my DVR history.  If you, or someone you know watches these shows, you are going through a midlife crisis.
     1.  Younger
     2.  The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise
     3.  Odd Mom Out

You can substitute any of the above for The Real Housewives of Atlanta,  Beverly Hills, Melbourne, New Jersey, New York, or Orange County.  If you watch all of the Real Housewives, you've surpassed a midlife crisis and are full on crazy.  Now that I think about it, if you watch 3 or more shows on Bravo, it's a midlife crisis.  

I wonder what the head honchos/creative directors at Bravo are like.  Probably a bunch of 40+ women getting botox and mani/pedis in their offices, loathing going home to their perfectly-cleaned-by-the-housekeeper houses, uncaring spouses and screaming kids.  I wonder if they are hiring, I'd love some botox and a housekeeper right about now.  

Stop paying for a doctor to tell you it's a midlife crisis!  I'm perfect at diagnosing this shit.  

Stay tuned for Part 2.  If you don't watch any of these show, you are still not safe.  

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