Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gunta's Got Style

Let me first explain "Gunta." Comedian Jim Jeffries lovingly referred to his mother as Gunta in one of his shows. Babboo thinks it's funny to call me Gunter, pronounced Goonter, because that's what Jim's pronunciation sounds like. Here's a little taste of Jim's Gunta.

Now for the style part. I like more of a classic casual style, especially in the summer.  I like Madras plaid, white pants, khaki shorts, seersucker stripe anything, and flip flops. Carol would call it preppy, which she is not. She has more of the hair-band-groupie style. I ask myself frequently how we are best friends.
As I was pinning a million and one pins on Pinterest today I found a few items I would like to have for the summer. I like an off the shoulder shirt that doesn't look like a 70's disco chick.   I wish my sewing skills were better, because I found a super cute shirt I could make by altering a man's button down shirt.
I just love this. Goonter would probably alter it a little more and make it shorter so it would be worn as a shirt, not a dress. My fear with off the shoulder shirts, besides the groupie thing, is that some look like your boobs are on a permanent trip south. You can't have them too far off your shoulders and wearing high waisted pants with them is a really bad idea. This woman looks like she could tuck the girls in her waistband.

Now I just have to lose about 100 pounds so I don't look like an elephant in my off the shoulder fashion.

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  1. Carol would ditch the pants and cut the shirt into a half shirt...